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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Abbott & Costello Go To Mars (1953)

Two guys (Bud Abbott, Lou Costello) are loading supplies on to a spaceship destined for Mars when one of them (Costello, of course) accidentally hits the ignite button. First, they land in Louisiana which they mistake for Mars before picking up two unwanted passengers (Horace McMahon, Jack Kruschen) who've escaped from prison. Then on to Venus, an all female planet ruled by a Queen (Mari Blanchard). Directed by Charles Lamont, this is one of the weaker A&C comedies. Which is not to say it's not without laughs. The Mardi Gras sequence is quite funny and if the rest of the film had been on that level, this might have been one of their best vehicles. One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that scientifically, the film is incredibly inaccurate and makes no logical sense but hey, it was 1953 and this is a lowbrow comedy. Abbott & Costello fans should have an enjoyable outing but for non-fans, it's probably going to be tough going. With Martha Hyer, Jean Willes, Robert Paige, Jackie Loughery and Anita Ekberg, who gets prominent billing but I couldn't spot her! 

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