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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Doll's House (1992)

In 1879 Norway, a young wife and mother (Juliet Stevenson) has been harboring a dark secret from her husband (Trevor Eve). She forged her dead father's signature on a loan in order to get money to take her husband to Italy for medical reasons. When the man (David Calder) she borrowed the money from is fired from his job by her husband, he blackmails her into securing his job back. Based on the great play by Henrik Ibsen and directed by David Thacker. Although he never intended it as such, Ibsen's play is a landmark feminist piece that is still relevant today. A devastating examination of women as the chattel of their husbands and fathers in a patriarchal society and the smallest cracks in that society that will eventually bloom into an entire movement. But Ibsen wasn't concerned so much with women as much as the individual discovering who they are and striving to be that person. The role of Nora is a great part for an actress and Stevenson is wonderful in the role though she occasionally goes overboard with chirpiness early on but her great speech at the end is impeccably done. With Geraldine James and Patrick Malahide.

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