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Monday, May 15, 2017

The Desert Hawk (1950)

A lowly blacksmith (Richard Greene) by day but at night he is known as The Desert Hawk, the savior of his people as he steals from the wealthy to help his people from the brutalities of their cruel ruler Prince Murad (George Macready). But when the Hawk marries the ruler's intended bride (Yvonne De Carlo) by masquerading as the Prince, crosses and double crosses follow. The Arabian Nights fantasy adventure was a staple (along with westerns) from Universal during the early fifties. Greene does the hero duties here but would soon be usurped by the likes of Tony Curtis and Rock Hudson (who has a supporting role as a captain of the guard here). It's all hokey nonsense of course, especially when you have Jackie Gleason as Aladdin and Joe Besser (of the 3 Stooges) as Sinbad! But at a brief 75 minutes that's full of action, it's a harmless piece of kitsch shot on the Universal back lot and looking it! Directed by Frederick De Cordova with a light hand. With Marc Lawrence and Carl Esmond.   

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