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Monday, May 8, 2017

Storm Over The Nile (1955)

When his regiment in the Royal North Surrey are given orders to deploy to the Sudan, a young soldier (Anthony Steel) resigns his commission. His three friends and fellow soldiers (Laurence Harvey, Ronald Lewis, Ian Carmichael) and his fiancee (Mary Ure in her film debut) each give him a white feather which is a sign of cowardice. Based on the novel THE FOUR FEATHERS by A.E.W. Mason which had already been filmed been filmed four times before and would be again. Zoltan Korda had directed the 1939 film of which this is a near shot by shot remake and is co-credited as director along with Terence Young (DR. NO). In fact, although shot in CinemaScope, stock footage from the 1939 film is incorporated into the movie. If you're partial to the story, this is a respectable if unimaginative version. It's decently acted and even the wooden Laurence Harvey manages to show signs of life in his performance. The film benefits greatly from Benjamin Frankel's regal underscore. With James Robertson Justice, Christopher Lee, Michael Hordern, Geoffrey Keen and Ferdy Mayne.

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