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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Woman Times Seven (1967)

Seven short stories with Shirley MacLaine playing seven different women: Funeral Procession - at her husband's funeral, a widow (MacLaine) is propositioned by her late husband's best friend (Peter Sellers). Amateur Night - after catching her husband (Rossano Brazzi) in bed with another woman, a wife (MacLaine) turns to prostitution. Two Against One - two men (Vittorio Gassman, Clinton Greyn) vie for the affections of a woman (MacLaine) trying to stay faithful to her absent lover. Super Simone - a wife (MacLaine) is envious of the women her writer husband (Lex Barker) writes about. At The Opera - a shallow socialite (MacLaine) is furious when she discovers her nemesis (Adrienne Corri) is going to wear the same couture dress to the opening of the opera. The Suicides - a married woman (MacLaine) and her married lover (Alan Arkin) share a suicide pact. Snow - a married woman (MacLaine) is stalked by a handsome stranger (Michael Caine). Written by Cesare Zavattini (BICYCLE THIEVES) and directed by Vittorio De Sica. Like all anthology films, it's a mixed bag and only three are decent. The opera sequence is genuinely amusing, the suicide segment benefits from Arkin's comic timing and best of all, the lovely and poignant snow sequence. MacLaine gets to show her versatility (as if we needed proof) but considering the talent involved, it should be way better. With Anita Ekberg, Robert Morley, Philippe Noiret, Elsa Martinelli and Patrick Wymark.

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