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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Golden Earrings (1947)

Shortly before war breaks out in Europe, two Englishmen (Ray Milland, Bruce Lester) held prisoner in Germany escape. They separate but have a designated meeting place. The film concentrates on Milland's character, who joins a gypsy woman (Marlene Dietrich) as a cover. Based on the novel by Jolan Foldes and directed by Mitchell Leisen (HOLD BACK HE DAWN). The film combines a romance between people from two different worlds and a typical WWII espionage flick. I preferred the espionage half to the romance. I'm not a big fan of Milland but he's quite charming here. I wish I could say the same for Dietrich who's really bad. Granted, I don't like her much as an actress anyway but she's a Hollywood idea of a gypsy. In fact, the gypsies in the film are so broadly played that it veers dangerously close to parody. Which isn't to say I didn't enjoy the film on some level, I just wish another actress had been cast in the lead. Anyway, it's not essential cinema but there are far worse movies to spend 90 minutes on. The Victor Young score is lovely. With Murvyn Vye and Ivan Triesault.  

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