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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Enter Madame! (1935)

While in Europe, a man (Cary Grant) falls in love with an Italian opera singer (Elissa Landi). However, after they marry, he finds it difficult to adjust to coming second to her international career. Based on the 1920 Broadway play which had previously been filmed in 1922 and directed by Elliott Nugent (UP IN ARMS). It's a screwball comedy that never gets off the ground despite a promising beginning. Landi is delightful and she tries but Grant isn't quite Cary Grant yet and this is one of his most charmless performances. This being 1935, it's one of those films where a failing marriage is once again blamed on the woman's career ambitions and it's the woman who must compromise herself for the happy ending, not the man. Everyone tries hard, too hard and there's no lightness or playfulness but rather a determined push which is hardly what is needed for a farce like this. With Lynne Overman, Sharon Lynn, Frank Albertson and Cecilia Parker (Mickey Rooney's sister in the Andy Hardy movies).

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