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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Don't Give Up The Ship (1959)

A newly wed naval officer (Jerry Lewis) is whisked away from his bride (Diana Spencer) on their honeymoon by a senate committee investigating the disappearance of a WWII battleship that was under his command. Directed by Norman Taurog (BLUE HAWAII), this is a lesser Jerry Lewis vehicle. While not as inspired as his best work (usually directed by either Frank Tashlin or himself), there are still some hilarious bits scattered through out the movie like Lewis's attempt to walk through a hurricane. The honeymoon gag (he's whisked away before the marriage is consummated) gets tiresome very quickly and it doesn't help that Diana Spencer isn't much of a comedienne. I doubt non Jerry fans would be won over by it but for the Lewis fanboys, there's enough to keep us grinning. With Dina Merrill, Robert Middleton, Gale Gordon, Mabel Albertson, Claude Akins and Mickey Shaughnessy. 

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