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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Loophole (1981)

After a successful American architect (Martin Sheen) living in England sees his company go bankrupt, he is approached by a businessman (Albert Finney) about a construction job. But it isn't long before he begins to get suspicious that all is not right with this new "job". Based on the novel by Robert Pollock and directed by John Quested. This is a straightforward heist movie and while not particularly fresh, it's decent enough to hold your interest right through to the end. Actually, the end is the biggest problem I had with the movie. The movie jumps from a crucial point in the narrative to about 24 hours later without  ever filling us in on what transpired. Being left out of a crucial part of the storytelling feels like a cheat! Other than that, it's well acted and moves along nicely generating just enough suspense that our attention doesn't drift. If you're partial to the genre, it's a pleasant 1 3/4 hours. Surprisingly, Lalo Schifrin (BULLITT) would seem the ideal composer for a project like this but his underscore is blah. With Susannah York in the dreaded "wife" role, Robert Morley, Jonathan Pryce, Colin Blakely and Alfred Lynch.

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