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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Miracle Of The White Stallions (1963)

During the waning days of WWII, the famed Spanish Riding School in Vienna and its prized Lipizzan stallions are threatened by bombing raids and indifferent Nazi commanders. The school's director (Robert Taylor) attempts a daring plan to remove the horses from the ravages of war. Based on the non fiction book DANCING WHITE HORSES OF VIENNA by Alois Podhajsky (played in the film by Taylor) and directed by Arthur Hiller (OUT OF TOWNERS). This is a live action Walt Disney film from the 1960s so that might be a red flag to some who aren't particularly attached to THE ABSENT MINDED PROFESSOR or THE LOVE BUG. But actually, it's very good and if you're a horse lover, even better. The film faithfully recreates the anxiety of saving these Austrian national treasures, keeping them safe and restoring their place at the Spanish Riding School (it took 10 years). It avoids the schmaltz that often comes hand in hand with a Disney film and it's a film any adult can easily enjoy. The acting is decent and in the case of Curt Jurgens as a war weary German General, more than decent. He's excellent. Also in the cast Lilli Palmer, Eddie Albert, James Franciscus, Brigitte Horney, Philip Abbott and John Larch as George S. Patton. 

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